Historical Preservation Commission

The Historical Preservation commission involves making recommendations concerning the designation, preservation, protection, enhancement, and perpetuation of these historical, and cultural resources which contribute to the culture and aesthetic values of the city.

Vacancies: None
When: 4th Monday of the Month
Time: 6:00 pm
Meeting Location: Council Chambers
Responsible Department: Development Services
Phone: (909) 421-7246

  • Tina Meyer
    Tina Meyer
  • Paul Verdugo
  • Suzanne T. Chitwood
  • Lisa L. Bartley
Vacant  Term to 12/31/19
 Paul Adam Verdugo  Term to 12/31/19
Suzanne T Chitwood Term to 12/31/19
Lisa L Bartley Term to 12/31/19
Tina M Meyer Term to 12/31/19

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