Human Relations Commission

Regularly scheduled meeting information:

When: 2nd  Monday of each month
Time: 6:30 p.m.

Meeting Location: Council Chambers, City Hall
Responsible Division: City Clerk
Phone: (909) 820-2519
Vacancies: None

  • Chair, Lino Martinez
  • Vice-Chair, Brenda Parker
  • Karen Lozano
  • Judy Combs
  • William Richard Brown III
  • Rosie Mosqueda


Judy Combs Term to  12/31/2021
Karen  Lozano Term to 12/31/2019
Lino Martinez (Chair) Term to 12/31/2021
Frank Oscar Term to 12/31/2018
Brenda Parker (Vice Chair) Term to  12/31/2021
Rosie Mosqueda Term to 12/31/2021
William Richard Brown III Term to 12/31/2021


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