Transportation Commission

The city council of the city declares that it is the policy of this city, wherever possible, to fully address transportation issues, including issues relating to the financing of transportation improvements, as a fundamental requirement of successful planning for the future. In order to promote this policy, there is hereby established the Rialto Transportation Commission.


  • Chair, Dennis Barton
  • Vice-Chair, Allan Kirst
  • Stephanie Lewis
  • Kelvin Moore
  • John Plasencia
  • Max Tidler
  • Willa Henshaw


Vacancies: None
When: 1st Wednesday of the month
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Meeting Location: City Council Chambers, 150 S. Palm Ave.
Responsible Department: Public Works
Phone: (909) 421-7279

 Dennis Barton (Chair)  Term to 12/31/2018
 Max Tidler  Term to 12/31/2017
 Allan Kirst (Vice Chair)  Term to 12/31/2018
 Kelvin Moore  Term to 12/31/2018
 John Plasencia  Term to 12/31/2017
 Stephanie E.Lewis  Term to 12/31/2017
Willa L. Henshaw Term to 12/31/2020
Genesis Martinez (student) Term to 04/30/2018

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