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Gina Gibson- Williams

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Gina M. Gibson was hired as the Senior Planner with the City of Rialto, Development Services Department, Planning Division in March of 2003.  After 11 years of service, Ms. Gibson was promoted to the position of Planning Manager on July 1, 2014.  Ms. Gibson is responsible for managing the Planning and Business Licensing Divisions.  The Planning Division analyzes local, regional, state and federal laws and policies to make recommendations on development for the community based on a code of ethics.  The Licensing Division administers the Business License Tax Program for over 5,000 businesses and consultants. Ms. Gibson holds a Bachelor’s degree in Geography from UCLA and CSULB and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from CBU.

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A License is usually defined as a “fee to have the right to operate a business”. The City of Rialto issues licenses to help recover the costs of providing City Services that are needed to maintain the appearance, ifficiencies, and general condition of the City. For example, fees are collected for Business Licenses to help pay for Code Enforcement, Public Safety Services, Street Maintenance, and other administrative activities. All of these services are affected by the addition of a new business.


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