2019 to 2020 Sub-Recipients

The descriptions provided are summaries of each approved sub-recipient program servicing the Rialto area. For more information about these services, please view the project details for each program.

You may also view the 2019 to 2020 Sub-Recipient Contact Sheet (PDF).

  1. Fit 4 Kids
  2. Inland Fair Housing & Mediation Board
  3. High School Bigs
  4. PRIDE Platoon Boot Camp
  5. Rialto Child Assistance
  6. Rialto Community Services Department
  7. Rural Access to Justice Program
  8. Veterans Assistance Program
  9. Young Adults Academic & Job Training

Fit 4 Kids | City of Rialto Recreation Department

Children in the Fit-4-Kids program will receive the physical, educational, and psychological tools they will need to help them overcome the challenges of obesity. Children will participate in:

  • Cardiovascular
  • Full-body fitness training
  • Individual sports/activities
  • Strength
  • Team sports

In addition, they will receive critical education in the areas of health, nutrition, and fitness. Finally, parents and caregivers will be provided with important information on how they can best support their children in their endeavors to overcome the challenges of obesity and its related physical and emotional problems. The target age group for the program is 6 to 15 years of age, (Juniors: 6 to 10, Seniors: 11 to 15) for children residing in Rialto.