The Community Center is home to a variety of recreation classes for all ages. Everyone is welcome to register for a class and develop or improve skills in the areas of dance, martial arts, and music.

Register Online

  • You are able to register for classes online.
  • Registration can also be made in-person or over-the-phone (phone: 909-421-4949) at the Rialto Community Center during regular business hours.
  • Registration can be paid via:
    • Cash
    • Check
    • Money order
    • Visa or MasterCard
  • Pre-registration is required for all classes.

Dance Classes

We offer a variety of dance classes suitable for all ages. Beginning and experienced dancers will learn various techniques to increase their strength, coordination, and musicality. Youth and adults are welcomed to explore different cultures through Belly Dance, Line Dance, and Ballet Folklorico. Join us and learn different movements of dance and body while having a great time!

Dance Classes

Music Lessons

Ready to start your career as a musician? Start here! Classes include Beginning and Intermediate levels for anyone interested in learning how to play the guitar. 

Beginning Class

The Beginning Class teaches:

  • Basic major, minor chords
  • Basic songs
  • Charts
  • Fingering
  • Reading
  • Scales
  • Timing

Intermediate Class

The Intermediate Class introduces sight note reading in the first position, new chords, and fingerpicking techniques. A guitar is required for class.

Guitar Lessons

Martial Arts

Chinese Kung Fu San Soo teaches realistic self-defense training for children and adults. Students will learn striking ground fighting, joint locks, escapes from holds, and weapon defense. This class teaches training for real street defense; not for sport.

Martial Arts