Financial & Budget Reports

Welcome to the Budget Division. The goal of the Budget preparation process is to:

  • Develop a responsive and balanced budget in order to assist the City Manager and other Staff in leading a dynamic and fiscally sound City organization
  • Ensure competent use of financial, human, and material resources
  • Promote effective:
    • Financial oversight
    • Management processes
    • Organizational structures
  • Spearhead initiatives that seek to improve government services

Budget Preparation, Approval & Adjustments

The City of Rialto prepares a budget annually. Council approves the final budget documents in June of each year. Budget adjustments can be made by Council action throughout each year. 

When preparing the budget each year, Staff analyzes the impact of the:

  • Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) Projects
  • City Revenues
  • Council Goals
  • Development trends
  • State Budget