City Revenues

The major revenue sources for the City of Rialto are taxes, licenses and permits, revenues from other agencies, enterprise programs, and Use of Money and Property. The type of revenue and the source of the revenue determine the use and restrictions, if any, for the money. Different funds are established to manage the revenues and expenditures based upon the rules and guidelines established by the Generally Accepted Accounting Principals, the Government Accounting Standards Board, and the Federal, State, or County agencies funding the revenue. The list provides the major categories of revenues presented in the budget and audited financial reports.

  • Taxes
    The primary types of taxes are:
    • Property tax
    • Sales Tax
    • Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT)
    • Utility Users Tax
  • Licenses and Permits
    The primary licenses and permit revenue generators for the City are:
    • Business licenses
    • Dog licenses
    • Permits for Building and Development
  • Revenue from other Agencies
    This includes, just to name a few:
    • Grants
    • State and County reimbursements
    • VLF revenues collected by the State for the City
  • Enterprise Programs
    These revenues are categorized as "Charges for Current Services" in the budget document. Includes the:
    • Airport
    • Cemetery
    • Recreation and Community Services
    • Utility Services (which includes water and wastewater services)
  • Use of Money and Property
    Includes revenues received from the sale or lease of property and interest on the investment of City Funds.
  • Development Impact Fees
    This is revenue that is generated from fees charged to developers who apply for building permits and/or tract maps. The fee is used to expand certain city facilities or infrastructure and services to accommodate new development.