Community Compliance

About the Division

The City of Rialto's Community Compliance Division provides service to the 103,000 plus residents of this community and our local business partners in the City's twenty-two square mile geographic limits. The vast majority of issues that Community Compliance investigates are the result of complaints received from concerned citizens along with proactive work done by the officers aimed at maintaining the aesthetics and value of property within the City.


Some of the most common concerns include: 

  • Illegal vendors
  • Inoperable vehicles in public view
  • Parking on unpaved surfaces
  • Property maintenance, health and safety violations

The Division also addresses graffiti on private property, illegal signs, construction without permits, and zoning violations. Our dedicated and professionally trained officers are focused on serving the community by performing community outreach, promoting health and safety, and undertaking fair and impartial enforcement efforts. The division also establishes community priorities for enforcement programs.


  • Communication and Education
  • Foster City pride
  • Preserve the Quality of Life
  • Promote Safety and Welfare

New Resident

Are you new to the City of Rialto? Take a look at this helpful guide to property maintenance: "Welcome to the Neighborhood (PDF)"

Rialto Municipal Code

Review the Rialto Municipal Code.