Emergency Management

Emergency Management

The City of Rialto Municipal Code identifies the "Disaster Council", chaired by the Mayor and vice-chaired by the City Manager, as the source of Emergency Management and planning for Rialto. The Disaster Council is responsible for the development of the City Emergency Operations Plan. All Departments and Divisions of the City participate in the planning and response to man-made and natural disasters in Rialto.

Emergency Operations Center

Emergency Management is broken into four principles: Preparedness, Response, Recovery, and Mitigation. These principles are managed in Rialto through activation of the City's Emergency Operations Center which provides citywide priorities, communications and logistical support to on-scene response, prior to, during and after disasters. The Rialto Emergency Operations Center utilizes all-hazard processes consistent with the Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS) and operates in coordination with the San Bernardino County Emergency Operations Center which is located in another facility in the City of Rialto.

Rialto Ready!

The City of Rialto partners with the community to for education and prevention activities aimed at making Rialto more resilient to the impacts of disasters. City sponsored events have public education opportunities on various hazards within the City. Additional information is provided on the Facebook pages of the City, the Police Department, and the Fire Department. The Rialto Network produces videos for public dissemination on a variety of topics.

Be Rialto Ready