Guiding Principles and Community Values - Entering a Second Century of Progress

1.  Rialto is a Family First Community 

  • Our neighborhoods will be a safe place to call home.
  • Essential community services and amenities must meet the needs and desires of our families.
  • We will require high-quality housing for our families and establish well-maintained, safe, attractive neighborhoods.
  • We will create a sense of community that bonds residents and families together, resulting in a stronger, better Rialto.

 2.  Rialto Shall Attract High-Quality New Development and Improve its Physical Environment

  •  First impressions matter. The quality and standards of our streetscapes and public spaces will reflect the high quality of development we require.
  •  Infrastructure keeps pace with our growth. Every act of construction will result in the improvement and enhancement of both the public and private realms.
  •  We pay attention to the details. We have high standards and will maintain our properties and enforce our codes at all times.

3.  Rialto’s Economic Environment is Healthy and Diverse

  • Businesses, City government, and economic development organizations will continue to work together to strengthen the local economy and support businesses.
  •  We will aggressively attract and retain businesses that provide goods and services we desire, create jobs, and build a sustainable tax base.
  •  Our City government will lead by example, and will operate in an open, transparent, and responsive manner that meets the needs of the citizens and is a good place to do business.
  •  We take advantage of our status as the transportation hub of the Inland Empire.
  •  Rialto is committed to environmental sustainability, which means meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

 4.  Rialto is an Active Community

  • Our community will support the creation and maintenance of attractive parks, recreational facilities, and gathering places that meet the needs of our residents.
  •  We will create transportation alternatives that allow us to walk, bike, and use public transportation to travel within our community and reach regional destinations.
  •  We will continue to participate in community-based events that enrich our lives.