Facility Rental Information

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Grace Vargas Senior Center  

1411 S. Riverside Ave., Rialto, CA 92376 

For more information call (909) 877-9706 

Group size: 20-200 Guest 

The Grace Vargas Senior Center facility is perfect for Banquets, Business Meetings, Quinceañeras, Reunions, Wedding Receptions and more! 

Facility Accommodations & Equipment

Catering kitchen 

Banquet Room with Stage
Meeting Rooms

Handicapped accessible restrooms 

Conference Rooms

Sound system

Warm inviting foyer

Outdoor Patio 
Indoor Lounge Areas


How much is it to rent your facility? Answer 
The cost of the room is dependent upon many variables. The Rental Application Packet will give you a better understanding of which bracket you would fall under. 
How many people does the largest banquet room hold? Answer 
The Berglund room has a 200-person limit capacity. 

What is the earliest and latest I can rent the facility? Answer 
Our facility is available to rent as early as 7:00 am to midnight

Will we be able to use your centerpieces that are on the tables now?Answer 
No, renter must provide their own centerpieces. 

Can I decorate the night before or earlier in the day before the rental and pay for the time it takes to decorate? Answer 
We do not allow decorating the day before the event. You can decorate on the day of your rental. Set up and clean up needs to be done during your reservation time. The rental hourly rate begins from the moment you begin set-up to the moment your event is concluded. 
How long does it take to get my damage deposit back? Answer 
Please allow 4-6 weeks for your check to be mailed back to you after your event. 

What if I don’t want to pay for staff and don’t need them?Answer 
A staff member must be on site for the duration of every rental. 

What does staff do? Answer 
A staff member sets up the tables and chairs, assist with facility equipment and monitors the trash and the building. They are available during your event.

Do I have to clean up or does staff do that? Answer 
The renter is responsible for taking down decorations and any equipment that the applicant brings in. 
Will ice be available to me? Answer 
If ice is needed, staff can provide that for the renter if the renter brings a container for the ice.
What if I just need to warm something up on the stove, do I still need to pay for the kitchen? Answer 
The kitchen needs to be reserved in advance.  There is a damage deposit and an hourly rate for the kitchen.  We have a kitchenette that comes with a refrigerator that is available for the renter.  
What size are the round tables? Answer 
The round tables in the facility are 60” in diameter and seat a maximum of 8 people per table. 
Is there a minimum number of hours I have to rent? Answer 
There is no minimum number of hours to rent the facility. However, the rental cannot exceed 10 hours. 
Can I hang things on the wall? The City does not allow anything to be stapled, nailed, or adhered to any surface. All decorations, banners, etc. must be free standing.

Is the sound system or projector and screen included in the price? Answer 
Use of our sound system and equipment is available at no charge to the renter. 
Are we allowed to have Alcoholic beverages? Answer 
Alcohol is allowed on City property or in the building with prior approval from the city. 
Do you supply the food, or do we have to bring our own? Answer 
The facility does not supply the food for rentals. Renters must provide their own catering or food for the rental. A full kitchen is available for rent to accommodate all catering needs. 
Does the Senior Center provide linens? Answer 
The renter must provide their own linens. 
How long in advance do I have to pay the balance of my fees? Answer 
The balance has to be paid in full 30 days prior to the date of the event. 
How long in advance do I have to let you know if I want to cancel in order to get all my money back? Answer 
In order to receive a full refund of money paid, all cancellations must be 30 days prior to the reservation. 
How long in advance do I need to reserve if I’m planning an event? Answer 
The facility is booked a minimum of 60 days and a maximum six months in advance. Rentals are done on a first come first serve basis.
Is it possible to adjust the rental time? Answer 
Any changes must be at least 30 days in advance to ensure we will have staff to cover the rental. 
Is membership required to come to the senior center? Answer 
You do not need to become a member to enjoy the facility. 
Is the Senior Center a live-in facility? Answer 
No, it is a recreational daily walk in facility open Monday through Thursday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm and Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm. 
How old do you have to be to come here? Answer 
55 years or older. For the nutrition program you must be 60 years or older. 

Can children come to the senior center? Answer 
Children 3 years and older can attend the center provided they are accompanied by a senior participant and are carefully supervised.  Children are not allowed to participate in activities, clubs, and classes.