Baseline Road Median Project

Baseline Road from Lilac Avenue to Meridian Avenue

 Project Description 

The City of Rialto is planning on constructing center medians on Baseline Road between Lilac Avenue and Meridian Avenue. The proposed project improvements will improve the flow of traffic, enhance school safety, and improve Baseline Road corridor. The project is currently in the final design stages and City staff is securing final funding for the project to move forward for the construction bid phase.


1.Raised median:

  • Baseline between Sycamore Ave and Acacia Ave 
  • Baseline between Acacia Ave and Eucalyptus Ave
  • Baseline between Eucalyptus Ave and Pepper Ave
  • Baseline between Pepper Ave and Meridian Ave

2. Improved Curb Ramps: Northwest/northeast of Willow Ave

3. Safety Railing fencing on Baseline between Willow Ave through the school limits. 

4. Traffic signal modifications 


What is the purpose of raised medians? 
Raised medians reduce the number of conflicting vehicle maneuvers crossing the stripe lanes. 
The new raised medians will NOT be continuously within the limits. 
There will be turn pocket medians to allow vehicles into driveways.

 What are safety school railings? 
The railings are placed in the middle of the raised median to divert students and pedestrians from running across the street. 


  • Securing Funding and Final Design November 2022- January 2023
  • Construction Bid Process: January 2023
  • Construction Duration: February 2023-July 2023


baseline project map

Project Helpline: 909-202-4553 Ext. 2
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