Street Pavement Management

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  1. Engineering Services Department

The City of Rialto uses a Pavement Management Program (PMP)  to help determine which street sections will be included in annual roadway repair projects.  The last major update to the City's PMP was performed in 2023, inspecting over 285.8 miles of streets.  The previous PMP update was performed in 2013.

Today, the City uses the Army Corp of Engineering (ACOE) software, MicroPAVER, to manage the street network.  Under this project, the City has incorporated the development of a unique Pavement Management - GIS layer that will assist the City in spatially analyzing pavement conditions and other attribute information in the MicroPAVER database.

The PMP takes the data to calculate each street's Pavement Condition Index (PCI) value.  The PCI is rated from 100 (perfect condition/new) to 0 (worst condition).  Streets are graded good (86-100), satisfactory (71-85), fair (56-70), poor (41-55) or very poor (0-40).  These values are used to guide slurry seal and street repair projects.

What My PCI Means

You can view an Interactive Map (GIS) to find out the PCI on each street.  If your street is not highlighted, it is likely a private street that the City does not maintain.

Know Your City:   The City of Rialto is responsible for maintaining approximately 2,028 pavement segments within its jurisdiction (58,658,143 square feet of pavement); there are approximately 285.8 section miles of streets within the network.  The Arterial/Collector network consists of 29,137,454 square feet of pavement within 161.0 section miles.  The Alley network accounts for 8.4 miles and 895,295 square feet.