How do I renew the dog license?

A renewal notice will be mailed to you. It is not necessary to have the notice to renew the license. If you do not receive the notice, contact the Treasurer’s Office at 909-421-7223 in order to avoid penalties. Please check the personal information on the notice to make sure it is still correct and make any corrections necessary. Note: Tags are not transferable from dog to dog or owner to owner.

Renewals may be annually, biennially, or triennially, with a 10% discount for a multi-year tag renewal, based on the rabies expiration date. The expiration date on your dog’s rabies vaccination appears on the renewal notice, under "Vaccination Expiration." Once you receive your renewal notice, check the vaccination expiration date on the notice to see when the rabies shot expires. You can only purchase a tag up to the rabies expiration date, not past it. You must submit a new rabies certificate if the rabies shot has expired or will expire within the next three months or the application cannot be accepted.

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