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Report a Public Works Concern

  1. Please complete and submit this form to report issues related to the Maintenance & Facilities Department.
  2. Maintenance Issues (Please Check All that Apply)

    If any of these issues are considered an emergency, please report them to the Maintenance & Facilities Department directly at (909) 820-2602.

  3. Please describe "Other"
  4. Traffic Signal Issues
  5. Streetlight Issues

    Please provide as much information regarding the location of the streetlight. This will allow for pole identification should there be more than one streetlight along a street. If you have a pole number (example: R2101) please provide that in the "Your Message" area.

  6. Please provide locations for all the requests selected. If there is no direct address for the location, please provide as much information as possible including direction. (Example: Riverside & Baseline, Baseline north of Riverside, southbound Riverside, near the corner of..., etc.)
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